Meet our Artisans

Here at 40 Colori, we are determined to offer smart menswear and accessories beautifully crafted in Italy with quality, durability, and sustainability in mind. To ensure that our production standards are respected, we searched high and low for responsible skilled craftsmen that share our same vision and approach. Thankfully, we did not have to look too long or too far away as we are blessed to be neighbors with many artigiani, small-scale producers that have been masters of their crafts over multiple generations.

Today, we manufacture all our 40 Colori clothing and accessories in these small workshops, where skilled artisans use the same techniques passed down by their fathers and grandfathers to craft impeccable garments. Together with our own family-owned facility where we our adventure started, we partnered with eight other artisanal workshops all located at the center of very specialized artisanal districts.

Cravattificio di Giuseppe

Located just outside of Como, this is our very own family workshop, where we manufacture all our ties, bow ties, pocket squares, bandanas, and printed scarves.

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Cravattificio di Federico

All of our knitted ties are crafted by a young artisan, Federico, in our family workshop nearby Como.

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Maglificio di Maurizio

Our knitted scarves and beanies are all crafted by Maurizio in his  workshop located near Reggio Emilia at the heart of an artisanal district praised for quality knitwear manufacturing.

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Calzificio di Roby

All our socks are manufactured in a small calzificio in the proximity of Brescia, 60km away from our headquarters.

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Pelletteria di Gianni

We manufacture all our leather goods (belts and braces) in a small workshop located on the outskirts of Milan.

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Sartoria di Giovanna

All of our waistcoats are hand crafted by a skilled tailor who has been a part of our family workshop for many years.

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Sartoria di Maurizio

Our blazers, trousers and overcoats are all crafted nearby Arezzo in a family workshop which has been a local landmark since it was set up in the ‘70s.

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Camiceria di Angelo

We manufacture all our shirts in a well-established camiceria located in a bucolic corner of Sicily near the city of Enna.

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Maglificio di Annamaria

We craft all our knitwear in a maglificio located on the outskirts of Como, just a few minutes away from our base.

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