Calzificio di Roby


Employees: 3

Year Established: 1973

Location: Brescia

Products: Socks

Shop: Calzificio di Roby

All our socks are manufactured in a small calzificio in the proximity of Brescia, 60km away from our headquarters. Located in the heart of a world renowned manufacturing district, Roberto’s workshop has been a part of his family since 1973 and our trusted production partner for many years. Few things have changed over the years and today, Roberto still passionately crafts each sock in the small workshop accessible from the ground floor of his family house.


This workshop is the definition of a family business: Roberto, his sister and his mum are the only people involved in the production. Thanks to the expertise gained over many years in the business, this small team is all that is needed to craft impeccable socks of the highest quality standard.


To craft our socks, Roberto relies exclusively on high quality yarn sourced in Italy which is knitted in the shape of a sock using one of his 22 socks knitting machines. These machines are of the latest technology and guarantee both reduced energy consumption and higher overall precision. Roberto knits each one of our socks individually, while carefully controlling the speed of the machine to prevent faults, increase durability, and ensure that the design is clearly defined. This process takes up to five minutes compared to an average of 2 minutes for fast-fashion socks. Once the work of the knitting machine is done, the tip of each sock is meticulously sewn closed by hand to guarantee durability and comfort in the final product.