Cravattificio di Giuseppe


Employees: 10

Year Established: 1965

Location: Como

Products: Ties, Bow Ties, Pocket Squares, Printed Scarves, Neckerchiefs

Shop: Cravattificio di Giuseppe

This is our very own workshop, where we manufacture our ties, knitted ties, bow ties, knitted bow ties, pocket squares, and printed scarves. This workshop has been a part of our family since, in 1965, grandma decided to pursue her passion and set up her own artisanal Laboratorio in the heart of the tie and silk manufacturing district of Como. Today, three generations later, our father Giuseppe runs the business with the same passion and care as grandma did on her first day.


Each one of the accessories crafted here is exclusively hand-made by 15 skilled artisans which have been the trusted hands of our workshop for many years. Our family continues to be very much involved in the production. Our father is still doing what he loves the most: finely cutting our fabric by hand following patterns that he has created and perfected during his 40 years of practice. Even grandma, despite being retired, still regularly visits the workshop dispensing precious advice to all the workers.


To guarantee that every product leaving our workshop is of the highest quality, we rely on superior locally sourced materials and traditional manufacturing techniques that have been mastered over the years. We first hand-cut the fabric using our own exclusive patterns and always making sure that minimum possible fabric is wasted. In the case of our ties, the fabric is cut at a 45-degree angle (on the bias) to ensure the best mix of elasticity and structure.

Each one of our pieces is then assembled, sewn and, when needed, hemmed all by hand. Maximum care and attention to details are crucial at this stage. For example, the slip stitch on our ties is sewn loose to prevent breakage from repeated knotting, while at the same time making it easier to tie a perfect knot. At this stage, threads and needles are the only tools used by our skilled artisans. Finally, we steam, test, and meticulously inspect the finished products to ensure that they are all of impeccable quality and able to satisfy every one of our customers.