Camiceria di Angelo


Employees: 30

Year Established: 1982

Location: Sicily

Products: Shirts

Shop: Camiceria di Angelo

We manufacture all our shirts in a family owned camiceria in beautiful Sicily. Overlooking fiery Mount Etna, on a golden hill burnt by the Sicilian sun; Angelo’s camiceria makes for a wonderful trip every time we visit.


Angelo set up his own workshop in the surroundings of Enna in 1982 and since then he has been contributing greatly to the long and rich local tradition of garment manufacturing. Angelo himself is a man of tradition and his shirts are crafted accordingly, with each step being perfected year after year without ever changing its essence. Like all our artisans he’s a strong believer of the “If it’s not broken don’t fix it” philosophy.

Angelo’s workshop employs 26 artisans who individually specialize in each one of the steps required to craft one of our shirts. With such talent around him, Angelo crafts each shirt entirely in-house and with complete control over the quality of the manufacture.


Our shirts are first cut by hand following the pattern previously laid out. For our MTM clients, the pattern is first altered according to the specific measurements and edits registered. Once the 15 pieces that make up our standard shirt are cut, high-quality fuse is applied with heat on the collar and cuffs. The three parts of the collar are then sewn together; when required, collar stiffeners are inserted. The cuffs are folded along the center and buttonholes are sewn on them, as well as on the collar stand, and the front left panel.

The pieces making up the body, sleeves and cuffs are also sewn together and hemmed where required. This is done using either 7 or 9 stitches/cm to ensure strength and a more refined look of the seams. The shoulder seam is also flat felled by hand to increase the flexibility of the shirt in an area of great movement. After the measurements of the shirts are checked, the collar is attached to the body and the buttons are sewn to the front right panel, collar stand and cuffs. Finally, the shirt is cleaned and pressed to perfection. Before leaving the workshop, each shirt undergoes a strict quality control to ensure that the crafting and measurements are spot on.