Tailored Wedding Suits & Accessories

It's time to celebrate! Celebrate in Style.

Whether you are the lucky groom, the best man, or simply a guest to the wedding you are going to want to look your best. Dressing for your such a special occasion is no easy feat, but no need to fret, we are here to help you design the perfect look for your big day. You've found the special someone to marry, now let's help you find the suit to get married in.

Summer Wedding? Winter Wedding? Destination Wedding? City Wedding? Not a problem! We offer a large selections of fabric from top Italian and English mills, covering many uses and all seasons. Whether you are off to somewhere exotic and need a linen summer wedding suit, or you are going to the countryside and want a tweed suit, we always have something suitable. Relaxed Italian elegance is our signature style but multiple design elements can be customized to create your dream look without compromise, from a snazzy double breasted to a formal mandarin dinner jacket.

What wedding services do we offer?

Custom Tailoring & Made to Measure Suits

⁕ Two Piece Suits
⁕ Three Piece Suits
⁕ Grooms Suits
⁕ Men’s Wedding Suits
⁕ Formal Shirts
⁕ Waistcoats

Custom & Bespoke Accessories

⁕ Classic Ties
⁕ Knitted Ties
⁕ Bow Ties
⁕ Pocket Square
⁕ Scarves
⁕ Embroidery

The Process

1. Book an appointment

Get in touch to book a consultation to help us understand your requirements. Appointments are available in person at our Bloomsbury store as well as remotely over Zoom if coming in store is not an option.

2. Design your outfit

During your appointment we will discuss the various styles and options and assist you in choosing what is best for you. We will then browse through our 300+ fabrics and multiple tailoring bunches to find the best fabric for your needs. If you have ideas of what you are looking for that’s great, bringing images in of inspiration always helps! If you are unsure of where to start and are overwhelmed with options we will be very happy and available to help you figure it all out.

3. Get fitted

Once all of the design elements of the garments are confirmed we will move on to your fitting. In this initial fitting, we will take all the necessary measurements needed to send to our sartoria in Italy. If you are ordering a Custom Made suit we will conduct a fitting to best assess which size will suit you best. If you are ordering a Made to Measure suit we will take all your necessary body measurements to ensure your suit fits you exactly how you wish. These measurements and details will then be sent to our sartoria in Tuscany to craft your goods.

4. Patience for perfection

Our lead times vary depending on the garment or accessory being crafted. In the case of suits, the wait is 6-8 weeks for Custom Made wedding suits and 6-8 (8-10* during high season) weeks for Made to Measure wedding suits. We also offer a 3-4 weeks express service upon request with a 50% surcharge (this is offered upon discretion depending on the status of the workshops schedule). We will alert you the moment your suit is on it is way to London to schedule your final fitting and ensure everything is as it should be for your big day. With our perfect fit guarantee, if any alterations need to take place, we have our skilled local tailor who will get anything sorted in a timely manner.

Prices & Lead Times

To simplify our experience, we opted to have the large majority of our fabrics fall under one single price, meaning that our prices for the most part are not 'starting from'. A surcharge starting from £100 can occur only for the most expensive fabrics from selected tailoring bunches or for complex bespoke requests. Our prices are broken down between our two custom offers, Custom Made & Made to Measure.
Custom Made - (custom design and materials, based on one of our standard sizes) | Made to Measure - (custom design, materials and size)

Custom Tailoring & Made to Measure Suits

⁕ Two Piece Suits: £700 - £900
⁕ Three Piece Suits: £800 - £1000
⁕ Formal Shirts: £125 - £175
⁕ Waistcoats: £150 - £200

*Prices are listed first Custom Made and secondly Made to Measure.
Lead Times: Suits - 6-10 weeks | Shirts 3-4 Weeks | Waistcoats 3-4 Weeks

Custom & Bespoke Accessories

⁕ Classic Ties: from £99
⁕ Knitted Ties: from £99
⁕ Bow Ties: from £75
⁕ Pocket Squares: from £45
⁕ Scarves: from £125
⁕ Embroidery: from £35

Lead Times: Accessories - 3-4 Weeks | Embroidery - 2 Weeks

Thank you to the all the kind grooms who shared their photos with us. Photographers: Georgia Rachael & Danielle Tocker

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Wedding Questions?

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Appointment Booking - Book an in-store appointment or an online consultation (available via email or Zoom) to get started with your Custom Made or Made to Measure project. Please make sure to mention in your message the service you are interested in (MTO, Custom, or MTM), the garments or accessories you want to customize, and your preferred date and time for the booking.