Sartoria di Giovanna


Employees: 1

Year Established: 1965

Location: Como

Products: Waistcoats

Shop: Sartoria di Giovanna

Our waistcoats are all hand crafted in our own family workshop in Como by a skilled tailor who has been our trusted employee for many years.


Giovanna is responsible for single-handedly hand-crafting all our waistcoats in our family workshop. After years of experience of running a sartoria making made-to-measure shirts, Giovanna joined our family business in 2015, bringing with her an extraordinary know-how that is of great help when designing and developing our waistcoats. Fashion design becomes relatively easy when you can rely on a pair of skilled hands that are able to transform into reality even the most complicated new idea.


To craft our waistcoats, we rely on superior materials such as heavy biellese wool in winter and breathable linen in summer. The material of choice is then paired with one or more complementary upcycled fabrics to be used for the linings and details. All of the fabric needed for the front, back, lining and details of the waistcoat is cut by hand using our exclusive patterns which have been optimized over time to ensure that the minimum amount of fabric is wasted.

After cutting all the parts needed for the specific style, Giovanna stitches them together either by machine or, when needed, by hand. At this stage, an inner lining is added to our wool waistcoats to ensure the right feel and rigidity. Once all the main stitches have been sewn, Giovanna works on the details making sure to accommodate even the most elaborate requests in terms of piping, patches, linings and more. Finally, Giovanna sews the buttonholes and attaches the buttons by hand before steaming and inspecting the final product.