Cravattificio di Federico


Employees: 2

Year Established: 1965

Location: Como

Products: Circular Knitted Ties, Knitted Bow Ties & Knitted Pocket Squares

Shop: Cravattificio di Federico

Our circular knitted ties and bow ties are all crafted in our own workshop in Como under the careful watch of Federico, the youngest of our employed artisans.


Federico joined our knitting department fresh out of high school and immediately showed great interest and passion in learning all the secrets of the craft. When his mentor Domenico went into retirement it was an easy decision for our workshop to promote Federico as the leader of the department.


Using exclusively locally sourced high-quality yarn, each knitted tie is crafted by our team of specialized artisans, using one of our 21 Italian circular knitting machines. These machines are of mixed gauges and programmed slightly differently so that they can cater to all our needs for knitted textures and patterns.

Our collection of machines has been combined over the years and some are still the original ones that were bought in the 70's. This variety means that the newer ones are electronic and programmed using a top of the line software, while the older machines are entirely mechanical and programmed manually by painstakingly placing pins in a perforated cylinder.

After more than 40 years of activity, our workshop proudly holds an archive of more than 500 designs and stitches that have been developed over time. Despite this invaluable archive, Federico is constantly playing with the machines to create new exiting designs that most often than not end up in our collections.

Once the machines have been programmed with the design needed, the cylinder begins to rotate and after approximately 20 minutes a knitted ‘tube’ made up of a long continuous thread is created. This loose tube has to be closed at the extremities and steamed to the right width and length to create our colourful and ‘cracking’ knitted neckwear.
Knitted Ties
Knitted Ties
Knitted Ties