Created in 2014 by siblings Giulia and Gabriele, 40 Colori is our way of bringing Italy’s artisanal tradition and ethical fashion together to create colourful accessories for the modern gentlemen.

We handcraft the majority of our products in our own sustainable workshop in Como which has been a part of our family since grandma started it in her basement some 50 years ago. What we don’t manufacture ourselves, we source it locally, from responsible artisans all located within 170km of our headquarters. All materials are also sourced in Italy from leading suppliers that distinguish themselves for their quality and responsible practices.

We are committed to craft each one of our accessories according to the highest quality standards, using top materials and those artisanal techniques that have allowed Italian craftsmanship to excel over the years. We are also invested in incorporating best practices throughout our supply chain, putting environmental and social responsibility at the core of our business. We finally wrap our quality accessories in colourful and bold designs that are sure to turn any outfit into a true eye-catcher.

about us

We are artisanal, ethical, bold. We are 40 Colori!

about us