Maglificio di Maurizio


Employees: 1

Year Established: 1977

Location: Reggio Emilia

Products: Knitted Scarves, Beanies & Jacquard Knitted Ties

Shop: Maglificio di Maurizio

Maurizio’s workshop is located near Reggio Emilia, 170km from our base, at the heart of an artisanal district praised for quality knitwear manufacturing. In his small but very tidy workshop, Maurizio runs five mechanical flat knitting machines which he uses to craft all our scarves, beanies, and jacquard knitted ties. These machines are big and complicated but, thanks to the skills and knowledge acquired over 40 years working in the business, Maurizio operates them flawlessly, knitting everything that our creative minds wish for.


With a similar meaning to “if you want something done, do it yourself”; “chi fa da se’ fa per tre” is an old Italian saying which perfectly describes Maurizio personality and work approach. Maurizio’s workshop is, in fact, the equivalent of a one-man band: he single-handedly overlooks the entire manufacturing process, from setting up the knitting machines to the treatment and fulling of the products once knitted. Nine out of ten times such set up wouldn’t be successful but, thanks to his experience, passion and outstanding organization, Maurizio is able to run the show and craft beautiful accessories all by himself.


The five knitting machines that Maurizio operates are all different, giving him the possibility to create numerous patterns and textures. To craft our knitted scarves, Maurizio starts by setting up one of these machines according to the design that we created. The design is first reproduced using a software and then transferred (with Floppy Discs!) to the best machine for the job.

Once the design and the right yarn have been set up, Maurizio fires up the machines. Knitting one of our scarves can take up to one hour as working at low speed ensures that the knitted design is well defined and the final product is overall flawless. Coming out of the knitting machines, the scarves are loose and not as soft as we would like but Maurizio solves this issue by treating (fulling) them to perfection with an industrial washing machine.