Red Small Diamonds Linen Shirt

Camiceria di Angelo

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  • This Red Small Diamonds Linen Shirt is crafted by a team of skilled artisans in a camiceria in Sicily. The light linen fabric is an end of roll fabric sourced in northern Italy and features a small tonal diamond pattern. The red and white hues of this shirt makes it easy to style with a multitude of classic colours such as blues and browns.

Type: Shirts

Camiceria di Angelo

We craft all of our shirts in a camiceria in Sicily with a team of skilled artisans. Overlooking fiery Mount Etna, on a golden hill burnt by the Sicilian sun; Angelo’s camiceria makes for a wonderful trip every time we visit. Angelo set up his own workshop in the surroundings of Enna in 1982 and since then he has been contributing greatly to the long and rich local tradition of garment manufacturing.

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