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  • These Mustard Cotton High Waisted Trousers are crafted in a sartoria in Tuscany by a group of skilled artisans. These trousers are crafted with a soft and light double twist cotton gabardine fabric sourced from Solbiati's Gabardilia bunch. The fabric is woven and dyed in Italy using 100% cotton and has a lighter weight of 240gm which ensures great breathability and drape. The light hand and rich mustard hue make these trousers versatile and a great functional base to any outfit, tonal or bold. These trousers are crafted in our new high waisted style, the sartorial fit, prominent double inward pleats, taller waistband, side adjusters and double buttoned prolunga make these trousers functional for a multitude of looks.

Sartoria di Maurizio

All of our blazers, trousers and overcoats are crafted by a team of 12 skilled artisans in a sartoria in Tuscany. With more than 40 years of tailoring experience on his shoulders, Maurizio exudes confidence when he talks about his suits. Every time we visit him, we learn something new; his knowledge is mesmerizing like a glass of local Brunello di Montalcino.

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