Blue Two Toned Short Linen & Organic Cotton Socks

Calzificio di Roby

  • These Blue Two Toned Short Linen & Organic Cotton Socks are crafted in a small family workshop in Brescia. These socks feature a combination of bright blue, navy and grey colour blocking. The combination of soft linen and long staple organic cotton ensuring maximum breathability, comfort and quality. The selective combination of blocks of organic cotton and the linen foot were designed to ensure that your foot stayed as cool as possible while staying comfortable. These short socks work as a great option if you want a hidden sock with just a little pop of colour.

Type: Socks

Calzificio di Roby

All our socks are manufactured in a small calzificio in the proximity of Brescia, 60km away from our headquarters. Located in the heart of a world renowned manufacturing district, Roberto’s workshop has been a part of his family since 1970 and our trusted production partner for many years. Few things have changed over the years and today, Roberto still passionately crafts each sock in the small workshop accessible from the ground floor of his family house.

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