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  • This extra soft Peppercorn Crew Neck Cashmere Jumper is crafted in a small maglificio in Como not far from our own workshop. The flat knit of the cashmere makes this a versatile jumper that can be layered with ease. The classic shape and multi hued light beige colour make it easy to style with a multitude of classic looks. This jumper is very layering friendly which makes it a great addition to any autumnal closet.
    We source all of our cashmere from the top of the line cashmere spinner Cariaggi. All of the Cariaggi Cashmere is sourced from responsibly selected farms in inner Mongolia and is spun and dyed entirely in Italy. *Interested in getting this jumper Made to Order or Made to Measure in a new size or colour? Explore the MTO Tab or get in touch at for more details*

Maglificio di Annamaria

We craft all our knitwear in a maglificio located on the outskirts of Como, just a few minutes away from our base. Annamaria set up her own workshop in 1985 building on the vast knowledge that she had gathered working in the field since her late teens. Starting with a small operation employing only 2 other people, Annamaria’s workshop has grown over the years and with the help of 15 trusted artisans, she is now able to carry out each production steps exclusively in house, all the way from knitting to fulling.

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