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  • These Navy Cavalry Twill Cotton Comfort Trousers are crafted by a team of skilled artisans in a sartoria in Tuscany. These trousers are made with a sturdy cotton cavalry twill fabric in a deep dark navy blue sourced from Brisbane Moss's Calvary Twill Rye bunch. The high quality cavalry twill fabric weighs approximately 316gm and is extremely hard wearing. This classic dark navy colour pairs well with a multitude of colours and works as a great staple trouser to have in your cotton trouser collection. Finish up the full look with the matching blazer to these trousers here.

    Shop now from our limited Ready to Wear stock or use the Made to Order service if your size is not available and our artisans will craft it for you in 6-8 weeks. Our comfort trouser design is also offered Custom Made or Made to Measure. Read all about our custom trousers offer or get in touch if you are looking for a specific fabric, colour or fit.

Sartoria di Maurizio

All of our blazers, trousers and overcoats are crafted by a team of 12 skilled artisans in a sartoria in Tuscany. With more than 40 years of tailoring experience on his shoulders, Maurizio exudes confidence when he talks about his suits. Every time we visit him, we learn something new; his knowledge is mesmerizing like a glass of local Brunello di Montalcino.

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