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  • These Charcoal & Grey Solid Reversible Light Knitted Wool & Cashmere Scarves are crafted in a small family workshop in Reggio Emilia. These scarves are crafted with a high quality merino wool and cashmere blend yarn, sourced locally in Biella. These solid scarves feature one side in a charcoal colour while the back is inverted with a complementing grey side. These knitted scarves are lighter than our usual styles an allows you to wrap this scarf around your neck multiple rotations without bulking to much. These scraves feature the perfect balance of softness, warmth and complementing classic grey hues.

Maglificio di Maurizio

All of our knitted scarves and beanies are crafted by one skilled artisan in his organized maglificio. Maurizio’s workshop is located near Reggio Emilia, 170km from our base, at the heart of an artisanal district praised for quality knitwear manufacturing. In his small but very tidy workshop, Maurizio runs five mechanical flat knitting machines which he uses to craft all our scarves, beanies, and jacquard knitted ties.

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