Transparency is a fundamental part of our business model as we believe that sharing what’s behind our accessories empowers our customers to make an informed and fully satisfactory purchase. Full disclosure on all the actions that we perform as a brand, including our processes and expertise, is also important for us to give value to our products, by showing the care that goes into crafting each one of our accessories.

The importance that we give to transparency comes directly from our experience as customers. We find it difficult to trust and support a brand when we don’t have any information on where and how their products are made. Knowing what goes on behind the scenes, we believe, is the best way to align our perception of a brand with the reality and consequently build up trust. Some brands might not like this as they thrive on the fact that customers’ perception of their brand is in fact better than the reality; but this is not 40 Colori. We are confident that public disclosure on our business practices, including places, people and conditions under which our accessories are sourced and manufactured, as well as the steps that we take in relation to social and environmental issues, can only support our claims in terms of ethical quality.

This is how we are transparent:

  • We provide a comprehensive profile of all the workshops that we work with to craft our accessories. This includes location, number of workers, production techniques, and social and environmental practices. 
  • We trace our supply chain as far back as possible and give full disclosure on its structure, including the origin of the raw fibers and the facilities where they are processed, dyed, treated, woven, and printed.
  • We state our environmental and social standards and we openly report both our successes and shortcomings when meeting these targets.