Wearing a tie on a hot Summer day can be a real struggle; this is why we opt for linen to craft our ties and bow ties for the warmer season. Linen can, in fact, absorb a fair amount of moisture without feeling unpleasantly damp to the skin, making it a perfect material to keep you cool and fresh in hot weather.

Our Linen Fabric

Linen is made from the strong fibers of the flax, a plant cultivated with low impact on the environment as it relies on rain water to grow and doesn’t require pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMO seeds. Our linen is sourced in France from flax which is hand-harvested with the intent of generating the longest possible fibers needed to create a very resistant yarn. Once harvested, flax is separated and processed naturally using bacteria to obtain soft fibers that are spun into yarns by our supplier in Bergamo, just 40km from us. This undyed yarn is then woven into fabric which is then transferred to our printer in Como before becoming the colourful accessories that we appreciate so much during the Summer months.