November 04, 2016


 Yes, it’s cliche and you’ve heard it a million times before but, it's a perfect quote to introduce our big news to you. Maybe you've noticed that our website is looking a bit different? Everything from our logo, website and identity have all been revamped.

Why all the changes you may be asking yourself? Well after having our boutique open for almost a year and a half we took all the new knowledge and feedback we gained and re-evaluated our mission to create something bigger and better than before. We took what matters most to us as a brand and applied these elements throughout our new identity to ensure every person who encounters 40 Colori knows what we are all about. 
We are ecstatic to officially introduce you to the new and improved, 40 Colori. Now, what exactly as a brand do we care most about? Let's break it down.

Artisanal Craftsmanship 
We work hard to ensure that all of our products are crafted by hands that we trust with the best standards in terms of quality, durability, and performance. We have never and will never sell a product that we are not proud to stand behind. Finding crafters with these standards isn’t always easy to find but luckily we didn’t have to look too far as we are lucky enough to be neighbors with many artigiani, small-scale producers that have been masters of their crafts over multiple generations, usually part of the same family. We are committed to taking whatever steps are necessary to make the best products.

Ethical Business
We have committed ourselves to being a transparent, sustainable, and ethical brand that provides the truth behind its products and operations to empower the customer. By disclosing more information about what we do you are able to inform yourself on what exactly it is we do differently from other brands and in turn this can build an essential trust between you and 40 Colori. A crucial aspect of our business model is a commitment to sustainability, which we define as environmental and social responsibility aimed at minimizing the negative externalities of our production and promote the wellbeing of the people involved in our supply chain. We ensure every aspect of our business is done in the most ethical way and we are transparent with these decisions in order to give you everything you need to trust in us and make your own informed decision, as it should be.

Bold Design
40 Colori is still colourful, daring and dapper. That we can't live without. Colour is what inspires us, drives us, and keeps up going. A colourless world is a world we do not want to live in so we will continue to commit ourselves to bringing colour into men’s fashion. Of course with this being said we are not dressing clowns, instead, we are finding ways for gentlemen to inject colour into their everyday outfits without breaking every established fashion rule. But then again we can’t tell you not to break the rules, that’s where all the fun is, isn't it? 

 With this brief introduction, we are so excited to welcome you all to the new 40 Colori. Keep an eye out for our next blog posts which will go more into depth in each of these artisanal, ethical and bold pillars!

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