Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

May 29, 2016


Father's Day is fast approaching! It's June 19th, make a note!
Don't know what to get this year? No need to panic we've got you sorted!
Check out our full 2016 Father's Day Gift Guide & find your perfect gift now!

1. Dapper Dads!
Treat him to our brand new best seller the superior silk jacquard knitted tie with embroidered polka dots! You're sure to impress with such a luxurious gift!

Silk Jacquard Embroidered Polka Dot Knitted Tie - £69

2. Sock Crazed Dads!
Put a pep in your Father's step this year with a crazy bright pack of 3 bold socks! You're sure to see him smile putting these colourful socks on!

Pack of 3 Bold Socks - 40 Colori
Pack of 3 Bold Socks - £28
(Deal Alert - 3 Pairs of Socks for price of 2 Pairs)

3. Dads who love POPS of colour!
Treat your bold dad who appreciates good colour to one of our new Spring linen ties in our colourful stem and flower print! A tie that's sure to put a smile on! 

Stem Printed Linen Tie - £39

4. Dads with Filled Pockets!
Throughout the years you're sure to have burned a hole in your Father's wallet, there's no doubt about that. Why not treat him to a well deserved thank you for all he has done for you and a new upgraded wallet to keep his remaining funds organized!

Red Washed Mogador and Leather Wallet £89

5. Dad and his Mini Me!
Treat him to a stunning hand crafted bow tie and even a matching bow tie for his mini me! A perfect gift to get the whole family looking dapper this Father's Day!

Matching Father & Son Bow Ties
Matching Father & Son Bow Ties £15-£19 or £34 together

6. Customised Gifts for Dad
Get your gift customised to truly make it one-of-a-kind just like your Dad! We've got loads of customisation options for multiple products! Tag's and tippings for ties and tags for scarves, and knitted ties are available as well!
Customised Tipping & Label for Ties - 40 Colori
Various Customising Options £3-£8 + Full Item Price

Now all you need is a special activity for Father's Day, a lovely hand written card (because there really is something special about hand written wishes) and beer never hurts on Father's Day either! 

Don't wait and forget, get your gifts now! Simply click through the photos to explore!

Cheers & Ciao'
The 40 Colori Team

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