Rust Melange Wool & Linen Blazer

Sartoria di Maurizio

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  • This Rust Melange Wool & Linen Blazer is crafted by a skilled team of artisans in our partner sartoria in Tuscany. The rust melange wool and linen blend fabric used to craft these blazers was sourced locally in Northern Italy. This rich rust fabric features a subtle undertone of brown within the melange while letting the vivid rust colour standout. The multi hued colour of this blazer makes it functional to style as it can be paired with a multitude of autumnal colours. Minimally lined and tailored in our easy deconstructed Tuscan style, this blazer can cover a lot of ground from informal occasions to celebrations.

Type: Blazers

Sartoria di Maurizio

All of our blazers, trousers and overcoats are crafted by a team of 12 skilled artisans in a sartoria in Tuscany. With more than 40 years of tailoring experience on his shoulders, Maurizio exudes confidence when he talks about his suits. Every time we visit him, we learn something new; his knowledge is mesmerizing like a glass of local Brunello di Montalcino.

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