Rust Melange Wool Knitted Tie

Cravattificio di Federico

  • These Rust Melange Wool Knitted Ties are crafted by artisans in our family workshop in Como, Italy. These knitted ties are crafted with a high quality merino wool yarn sourced locally in Biella. These knitted ties feature a combination of two complementing yarns mixed together to create a one of a kind melange pattern. This melange creates a unique rust colour which works as a great pop of colour and texture when added to any autumnal look.

Type: Knitted Ties

Cravattificio di Federico

Our circular knitted ties and bow ties are all crafted in our own workshop under the careful watch of Federico, the youngest of our employed artisans. Federico joined our knitting department fresh out of high school and immediately showed great interest and passion in learning all the secrets of the craft.

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