Wool and Cashmere

Comfort, warmth, and richness of colour are just some of the features that make wool and cashmere our materials of choice for our Autumn/Winter collections. Wool has long been a part of Italy’s textile tradition and no city is a better example of this legacy than Biella in the north-west corner of the country, 90km away from our headquarters. For this reason, we are proud to source our wool and cashmere yarn and fabric from three companies that have long been part of this tradition.

Our Wool Yarn

The wool yarn used in our knitted ties, bow ties, and scarves is our supplier’s top of the range product: Cashwool. This yarn is created from Australian extra-fine Merino wool expertly selected to ensure strength, elasticity, fluidity, low pilling and an extraordinary soft texture similar to cashmere. From beginning to end, our supplier is highly committed to sustainability and traceability. Each one of the steps involved in the production of their yarn is certified 100% Made in Italy by TFashion and takes place entirely in their factory, a state-of-the-art facility where environmental sustainability and energy efficiency are the focus. As for all our materials, our wool yarn is free of harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Our Wool and Cashmere Yarn

To craft our softest and warmest scarves and knitted ties, we use a particular blend of wool and cashmere sourced from another renowned “lanificio Biellese” founded in 1667(!). Our supplier is among the few Italian spinners able to directly control its entire supply chain: superfine wool and cashmere is directly purchased from selected woolgrowers in Australia and then combed, dyed and spun in Italy, entirely within their factory walls. Origin, traceability and compliance to the standards of Textiles & Health and TFashion are certified and guaranteed.

Our Wool Fabric

The wool used in our printed accessories is also processed and woven in Biella by a fabric mill which has been our partners for many years. Also in this case, the raw fiber is directly sourced in Australia and then transferred to our supplier in Italy where it is carefully inspected, choosing only parts with the highest level of fineness and pureness. The wool is then combed, spun and woven into very soft fabric which, after a visit to our printer, becomes the very colourful material that we use in our warmer ties, bow ties, and scarves.