Ready to Wear

A minuscule inventory of our core collection of menswear and accessories. Micro productions and one of a kind pieces ready-made by our artisans and dispatched immediately for instant gratification.

Rather than traditional seasonal collections, we feature a core collection of timeless styles that we truly love. A curated and functional selection of textures, colours and materials that work harmoniously together and can be layered for practical everyday wear.

The key focus of our offer is our Made to Order and Custom services. We approach our Ready to Wear productions as the exception rather than the norm. We only release mini drops of RTW pieces without a fixed schedule and in extremely limited quantities and sizes. Our Ready to Wear menswear and accessories truly are just a taste of our artisans’ timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship.

We may restock a couple sizes of a style that sold out quickly or we may craft a few pieces of something totally new if we find a new colour or fabric that we love and feel like adding to our core collection. Sometimes we ask our artisans to craft four units of a particular style in a mix of sizes but, most times, we opt only for two units at a time or even one of a kind pieces.

Once a style is released RTW, it becomes part of our core collection indefinitely. Only in the case of our end of roll fabrics, a material may eventually be removed from our core collection when we run out of fabric and cannot craft it anymore.

Keeping our Ready to Wear inventory to a minimum is in no way a tactic intended to generate artificial scarcity. It is rather an active choice to ensure that we maximize our sell-out rate and ultimately increase the overall sustainability of our production. With our approach, a style or a size is never really sold out as our core collection is always available Made to Order at no extra cost. Read more about our MTO service here.

Shop our RTW pieces online now. Use the buttons below to browse all our core styles. RTW orders are dispatched within 1-2 business days from the date of the order and can be eligible for return, refund, or exchange

Alternatively, visit our London store where we hold all our Ready to Wear inventory.

We can operate small fit alterations to our ready-made garments before shipping. Prices and lead times are confirmed on a case to case basis after we evaluate the feasibility of the requested edit/s. Our RTW trousers are sold with an unfinished hem but we can also hem the trousers to your desired length at no extra cost. Please note that any adjustment to our RTW pieces makes the purchase a final sale.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Go back to Our Offer.