Products care

How to care for 40 Colori products

In order to get the best use out of all our products and ensure the longest life of them you may refer to these care guidelines as well as the care guidelines on our tags.

Care Instructions for 40 Colori’s Products

  • Ties, Bow Ties & Pocket Squares of woven, printed, and knitted materials (of all qualities) can only be dry cleaned.
  • Wool scarves can be hand washed at 30° and low heat pressed. Do not tumble dry.
  • Socks can be machine washed at 30° and can be tumble dried.
  • Bamboo socks should be washed in side out to keep the colour vivid longer. 
  • Braces, Belts, and Wallets cannot be washed or spot cleaned.
  • Silk scarves can only be dry cleaned.
  • No products can be spot cleaned.