Here at 40 Colori, we love bending the rules to find new (and we believe better) ways to do things, this holds true as much for our ethical quality mission as for our design approach.

When working on a new collection, we are restless until we find that perfect balance between designs and colours needed to create accessories that can add a unique and bold twist to all outfits.

To find our inspiration, we look at the past and, in particular, at the effortless way in which printed fabrics from the 1950s and 60s combined colourful prints with big abstract repetitions. Bold was the way to go at the time, and we love it!

To make this style our own, we play with old time classics, finding ways to make them more colourful, more 40 Colori. With this approach in mind, a classic plaid becomes our Crisscross design and repetitions become bigger, minimalistic and nature-inspired as in our Branch or Stem designs.

Our colours reflect the mood of the season and are carefully combined to ensure that our accessories are suitable for all occasions, from work to fancy nights out.

Again, the key is in the balance, we love colours but we are not dressing clowns!