Flavio's Wallets


Employees: 3

Year Established: 1981

Distance: 20km

Products: Wallets

Our wallets are produced in a small workshop interestingly located at the ground floor of an old building in the center of Milan (20km from our base). There, for the last 35 years, Flavio and his wife have worked magic on their leather to hand craft beautiful wallets and handbags. In particular, Flavio is one of the few artisans around able to manufacture the upholstered fabric wallets that we love so much in a way that they are as durable as they are stylish.


Flavio’s workshop is a tale of love and passion. Despite being well in their seventies, Flavio and his wife could make even the most adorable couple blush. They walk hand in hand to work every morning and can often be heard singing while working. Needless to say, their charming workshop is our favorite to visit! The passion for one another is only matched by the passion for their craft. They still take care of the entire production with the sole help of one employee and, to our great advantage, they have no intention of retiring. 


As for all our products, the making of our wallets starts from superior materials, such as selected tanned leather and fabric treated to be resistant to water and continuous rubbing. Using our exclusive patterns, Flavio first cuts all the leather parts by hand and then, with particular attention to the edges, presses these cuts until they are thin enough to be properly folded and stitched. To make our fabric wallets, before moving on to the next step, Flavio heat-seals the fabric to the outside leather using a technique that, despite our persistence, he’s never willing to share but that guarantees the best results in terms of durability and appearance. Once all the parts are ready, they are carefully glued and stitched together to create our colourful and stylish wallets.


Size Guide
Here is a detailed overview of all the size options on our sized products.

If you are still unsure of the correct size to order please email our customer service at

Size Inches Cm IT EU UK US
M 30-35 84-92 44-48 42-46 10-14 30-34
L 36-39 92-100 50-54 48-52 16-20 36-40
XL 40-43 100-110 54-58 52-54 20-26 40-44
Note: We do not carry a size small in our belts, but we are able to customize pieces for customers. Please contact our customer service if you are looking for a size small.