Who We Are

Starting in 2014 out of our family workshop in Como, Italy; we have teamed up with 8 fellow Italian artigiani or craftsmen, all very eager to showcase their artisanal heritage and quintessential designs. (read more on Our Artisans)

From hand-hemmed tips to hand-stitched shoulders, our artisans craft all 40 Colori garments and accessories according to the highest quality standards to create hard-wearing everyday pieces for a timeless elegance.

To make this happen, we provide them with the canvas to turn into their next creation. We travel around Italy, visiting mills and merchants to find the best fabrics and yarns, making sure they are natural, colourful and responsibly sourced. (read more on Our Materials)

How We Work

We opted for a distribution model focused on micro productions and made to order ensure that we produce exclusively what is needed and exactly as needed by the final customer, without compromises and wasteful use of resources. All with honest prices because quality and sustainability should not be a luxury. (read more on Our Approach)

Shop now our core collection and, if your size is not in stock, you can place an order with our artisans and they will craft the missing size exclusively for you in 4 weeks. (read more on RTW & MTO)

If you are in London, visit us in our Bloomsbury store to enjoy the full 40 Colori experience! In our boutique, you can browse all our materials and gain exclusive access to our CUSTOM MTO & MTM offers, allowing you to customize our designs and have our artisans craft each garment the way you always wanted, to your perfection, with no compromise on style or fit! (read more on CUSTOM MTO) (read more on MTM)

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