When we first started experimenting with bamboo yarn, we were very impressed by the result and immediately decided to include a small range of bamboo socks in our collection. Its features make it a perfect material for socks: it is highly absorbent and breathable and it is naturally anti-bacterial (including odor-producing bacteria) and, consequently, hygienic. Bamboo is also an incredibly sustainable plant which grows very fast without the need of water irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers. Despite these positive aspects, transforming bamboo into a usable yarn is traditionally a chemically intensive process (hydrolysis alkalization) similar to the one used to produce rayon, making bamboo yarn de facto not sustainable.

Our Bamboo Yarn

When we started documenting ourselves on the positive and negative aspects of bamboo, we made a commitment to find a way to use this great material without causing excessive environmental harm. Our research led us to a producer, again in Brescia, which uses a process (lyocell) to chemically manufacture bamboo fiber in a way that is healthier and more sustainable than hydrolysis alkalization as it uses chemicals that are non-toxic to humans and that are recycled to be used again (closed-loop process). Once processed, this yarn is then spun and dyed without the use of hazardous chemicals and in respect of the standards set by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

We are continuously working to improve the sustainability of our bamboo supply chain but, unfortunately, given the lack of valid alternatives, we are considering to drop this material from our collection and focus on organic cotton to manufacture all our socks.