Our Artisans

Here at 40 Colori, we are determined to always offer products that are up to the best standards in terms of quality, durability and performance. To ensure that these standards are respected, we looked left and right for the best materials and the top suppliers. Thankfully, we didn’t have to look too far away as we are blessed to be neighbors with many artigiani, small-scale producers that have been masters of their crafts over multiple generations, usually part of the same family.

Today, we manufacture all our 40 Colori accessories in these small workshops, where skilled artisans use the same techniques passed down by their fathers and grandfathers to hand craft impeccable accessories. Together with our own family-owned facility where we craft the majority of our products, we partnered with four other local artisanal workshops. These workshops are all located within 170km of our base in Como at the center of very specialized artisanal districts.

You can explore the map below to get more information on the artigiani that passionately craft our products and the techniques that they use.