Denim Cotton, Silk & Cashmere Comfort Trousers

Sartoria di Maurizio

Size Guide
  • These Denim Cotton, Silk & Cashmere Comfort Trousers are crafted in a sartoria in Tuscany by a group of artisans. These trousers are crafted with a luxurious end of roll denim fabric which is made from a blend of cotton, silk and cashmere. This unique blend of materials makes these trousers extremely comfortable and mold to your body while wearing. The relax fit of these trousers make for a very comfortable pair of denim trousers which can be worn formally or informally with ease.

Type: Trousers

Size Guide
Here is a detailed overview of all the size options on our sized products.

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Size Inches Cm IT EU UK US
M 30-35 84-92 44-48 42-46 10-14 30-34
L 36-39 92-100 50-54 48-52 16-20 36-40
XL 40-43 100-110 54-58 52-54 20-26 40-44
Note: We do not carry a size small in our belts, but we are able to customize pieces for customers. Please contact our customer service if you are looking for a size small.